Here at SWM Mechanical, we know how rewarding it can be to own your own home or business. You work hard to make sure it is running smoothly, clean and kept up. Maybe you put in some new flowers or updated your business website. Well we want to help with maintaining your home or business.


Maintaining your HVAC-R systems is more important than you may think. A simple thing you can personally do is regularly change your filters. This could be done monthly and can drastically improve air quality. In Michigan, our HVAC-R systems work hard year around. Whether it’s cooling your home on a long sunny day or keeping you toasty durning a winter blizzard, it is working hard. Bi-annual maintenance ensures that your comfort is not interrupted. In the spring and fall, right before your systems will need to work their hardest is when you should call SWM and schedule a professional HVAC-R technician to give your system a check up. Not only can these check ups make sure that your comfort is not interrupted, but can also save you money down the line and add years to the lifetime of your equipment. SWM Mechanical has experience in both residential and commercial equipment with specialization in restaurant equipment.


We know that you are busy and don’t have time for big equipment break-downs. Instead of calling us when something breaks, call us to care for your investment. A well- cared after system can improve air quality, reduce energy costs and keep your home or business comfortable and running smoothly, no matter what michigan weather may bring. Call SWM Mechanical today to schedule your maintenance appointment.