If your current system is more than 20 years old or you are noticing higher energy bills, loud operating costs, and uncomfortable temperatures, this information can be useful in making the decision to upgrade your furnace.

Reduce Energy Consumption. The amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature in your home is referred to as the furnaces BTU rating. This BTU rating also determines the amount of energy the furnace is using. If you have an older furnace, the BTU rating will be higher which means it is using more energy. Newer models operate at a lower BTU rating while using less energy to heat the home more efficiently. This is great for both your bank account and the environment.

Ultimate Comfort. High efficiency systems feature variable speed motors that ensure consistent air flow throughout your home. Not only does better air flow translate into better regulated temperature, it also helps to remove air impurities, prevent mold and simply create a more pleasant and healthy breathing environment, with the help of an upgraded filtration system.

More Quiet Operation.  Winter is thought to be a quiet and peaceful time but listening to the clanking noise from your furnace can be somewhat of an annoyance. The advanced sound absorbing materials in modern high efficiency systems produce significantly less operating sound so you can enjoy the serenity of winter while staying warm.

Eligibility for Rebates. With the holidays approaching, it may be difficult to consider investing in a new furnace. The good news is current rebates can make a new system more affordable. The amount of savings varies depending on which level of efficiency you choose. As participating contractors, we can file these rebates making the process hassle-free for our customers. Right now Consumers Energy is offering great rebates until the end of the year up to $1,500, click here if you would like to learn more.

Increase Value of Your Home. When evaluating a property, prospective home buyers must consider the quality of a home’s heating and cooling system and the cost of operating it. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is already up to date and comfortable, instead of dealing with repairs and replacements themselves. If you want to resell your home quickly for the best price possible, an upgraded heating and cooling system is a great way to do so.

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