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Simple Ways to Reduce Heating Costs

Heating your home in the winter can become costly. The good news is there are several creative ways to help heat your home without spending a fortune. There are plenty of ways to spend money besides heating your home! Here are 12 tips to reduce costs without sacrificing a warm home.

Drop the thermostat at night.  Grab an […]

Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters can be useful for quickly heating a room but can be just as hazardous as they are useful when not used correctly. Here are some tips to keep you both warm and safe during the cold season.


Follow 3 ft Rule- Keep the heater at least 3 feet away from combustible materials, including beds, […]

Benefits of Investing in a High-Efficiency Furnace

If your current system is more than 20 years old or you are noticing higher energy bills, loud operating costs, and uncomfortable temperatures, this information can be useful in making the decision to upgrade your furnace.
Reduce Energy Consumption. The amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature in your home is referred to as the furnaces BTU rating. This […]